Our Mission
Feel the Power Of Justice

The Dampier Law Group, P.C. is driven to protect the injured from the hands of corporate wrongdoers who put profits above people. We seek to hold those wrongdoers accountable for the injuries they have caused others, so you can feel the power of justice. When we recover compensation for those injured or wronged, it is the only measure of justice in our society. It is our hope that the compensation we recover will provide you and your family not only with a measure of justice but also with a measure of comfort and closure after having suffered terrible injuries at the hands of wrongdoers. The knowledge that you may be helping others in your community by preventing them from also suffering the same injuries, or not feeling alone in their quest for justice, is another measure of comfort that you can provide. There is strength in numbers. Our GOAL is to hold wrongdoers accountable to you and the community. If you have been injured, call us now or complete the contact form on the Contact page.