Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault Survivors

We work with survivors of human trafficking and sexual assault to obtain compensation and justice from corporations and businesses that financially or illicitly profited from their suffering. Our investigation includes claims involving corporations that profited as a result of knowing, allowing or contributing to human trafficking and sexual assault. If you’re a victim of human trafficking or sexual assault, we want to help you.

What Is Human Trafficking?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security defines human trafficking as using coercion or force to receive a sexual act. Human trafficking usually includes sexual labor or smuggling people to other states or international countries. Sexual exploitation, forced labor, and people smuggling are the most common forms of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault Is A Global Issue

Unfortunately, human trafficking and sexual assault are world-wide issues that extend beyond borders and are the work of underground criminals. There are also large corporations, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, and more that profit or illicitly gain financially by ignoring this issue and what is ‘going on.”. By enabling abusers and human traffickers, these bad corporations can receive large sums of money. However, if discovered, they can also be held responsible for the victims’ suffering.

Who Are Victims Of Human Trafficking or Sexual assault?

While no one is exempt from trafficking or sexual assault, there are a few common groups of victims who are vulnerable according to the Department of Justice. These groups are runaway youth, temporary guest workers, and low-income individuals. Traffickers often seek out those who are vulnerable or in a state of desperation. There is no race, gender, or race that is free from victimization.

How do Corporations Illicitly Profit from Human Trafficking and Sexual Assualt?

Traffickers often transport their victims without the notice of others. That is why no one initially suspects business involvement. There are no specific locations because it can occur anywhere. Businesses often choose to ignore these issues because they profit greatly from human traffickers. However, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003 provides victims the right to sue labor traffickers and other parties that knowingly participated in the act.

What Conditions Qualify to Seek Justice and Compensation?

If you have survived a human trafficking or sexual assault, we want to help you. Victims who endured trauma from these situations can file a lawsuit against the businesses that benefited financially from their suffering.  Holding these corporations and businesses responsible and accountable to the community for their choices can or will also save other people, particularly young women,  from experiencing the same trauma and suffering that others have.

While abuse and trafficking situations vary from state to state, you can contact us for more information on how we can help with your situation. There is no fee unless you obtain compensation.

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If you have experienced trauma from sexual assault or human trafficking, please contact us today. We can help investigate potentially involved businesses or corporations that financially profited from your trauma and suffering. You can get in touch with us by filling our this form, or calling us at (251) 929-0900.


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