Competition Laws deceptive

and Deceptive Trade



Competition laws generally refer to anti-competitive conduct under antitrust laws or deceptive trade practices.  Competition laws are the bedrock of a competitive free market, providing many low-cost purchase options to consumers and businesses. The laws are designed to protect consumers and small businesses from predatory practices by international and multi-national corporations that abuse the marketplace and reduce low-cost options to consumers and other businesses.  The competition laws are thus further designed to ensure that fair competition exists in an open-market economy.  For over 100 years, the competition laws have had the same objective: to protect the process of competition for the benefit of consumers, making sure there are strong incentives for businesses to operate efficiently, keep prices down and quality and innovation up.  Please contact us for a free consultation if you believe you have claim for violation of federal and state laws regarding competition or deceptive trade practices.

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