construction-accident-stockConstruction Accidents


Construction is a high-risk industry. Thousands of workers are injured or killed each year. Many states have enacted special statutes to protect workers involved in construction related accidents such as:


Scaffolding Accidents

Roof related falls

Falls from elevated work surfaces

Workers hit by falling objects

Trench collapses


Fire and explosions

Machinery accidents

Crane, forklift and vehicular accidents

Equipment failure

Failure to provide safety equipment

Welding accidents

Industrial gases


If you have suffered a serious injury at a construction site you may be entitled to recover significant damages, in addition to worker’s compensation benefits, for your injuries. Please contact us today at 1-855-929-0900, or contact us online for a free case evaluation.  Even if you are already receiving benefits, it may be to your advantage to consult an experienced attorney to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefits available under the law.